What I ate – March 7

Day 1:



Fried egg and dandelion greens, kimchi. Water to drink.

I had a school meeting at Panera Bread and had a cup of herbal tea. Then I went to my first personal training appointment. I keep hurting myself, so I need to pay someone to watch me exercise and tell me to stop trying to do things my body isn’t able to do.

I almost blew it at lunch today. I came home hungry with no plans for lunch so I called my husband to see if he wanted to go with me. I didn’t stop to consider what I would order at the restaurants he typically likes to go to. Luckily, he had me choose a place and I came up with Slater’s 50/50, a hamburger and beer place that just opened a new location near us. They have a gluten free menu. Score. I got the 50/50 burger, which is 50% beef, 50% ground bacon, wrapped in lettuce with all kinds of toppings. It took forever to get our burgers, but mine was good. I took a picture, but it looks horrible. Husband got some spicy burger that he said was too hot. He also ordered the onion rings which he said were really, really good, but I managed to stay away.

Before making dinner I had a scoop of sunflower seed butter with unsweetened coconut flakes smooshed on top. My son had a cut up apple dipped in sunflower seed butter and coconut flakes.

For dinner I made a salad with arugula, mixed greens, walnuts, oil and vinegar, and, my “sugar cheat” for the day, strawberries from our local farm. They are just so good. I also had a chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s with onion, bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, and a bit of marinara sauce.


Lastly, for anyone interested, here are a few pictures of what Beck had to eat at school.

For morning snack, it was salami, black olives and lettuce. (He doesn’t like any kind of dressing.) For lunch he had rolled up ham, strawberries and purple carrots. Between school and ukulele class he had a paleo cookie, two slices of goat cheese, and I brought him two slices of salami.





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