Day 2 – the day of the headache

I woke up at 7 this morning to a little fluffy haired boy poking my arm. I got up, made him breakfast, snack and lunch. I had a cup of herbal tea while doing this. Then I made my husband a smoothie. I did a bunch of other “mom” stuff as well. Then I brought Beck to school and came home just in time to meet with a guy from the water district to have him check our low water pressure. Then, at 9:30, I had my breakfast. Two eggs, scrambled with Swiss chard, onions, and two small homemade wild boar breakfast sausages. I was so hungry.  At some point I also had a scoop of coconut oil.  Sounds weird I know, it is a good source of energy and quite healthy.


I then realized I had quite a bad headache, so I tried to lay down and take a nap. First I plowed through my ridiculous amount of emails though. Then it started hailing outside. Then it was time for cleaning the house and lunch. I also rubbed the skins off some hazelnuts that I had soaked and then dried to make them easier to digest and remove some of the phytic acid.  I ate a few of them while I was doing it.  For lunch I heated up leftover chicken and roasted butternut squash (hoping the extra carbs would help my headache) and served it with arugula and greens with oil and vinegar.  Two slices of carrot managed to sneak in there.


While I was eating my husband called me and asked me to make a phone call to set up an appointment for him. That turned into numerous calls over the course of an hour to get the right person on the phone. All was forgiven when he showed up at home with spicy pork soup, without noodles, from our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. I had one bowl then and saved the rest for later.


After school Beck and I started a pot of chicken broth. That will cook for a day or two, then feed us for the rest of the week.

For dinner I had one and a half eggs with leftover chicken sausage, pepper, onions, eggplant, and zucchini. The half egg is because my son likes the white of the egg, but not the yolk. So I get his yolks.


Beck’s snack today was salami and goat cheese with two mandarin oranges.


His lunch was chocolate avocado pudding (a mashed avocado with chocolate meal shake powder), strawberries and a carrot.


My headache is gone now, but I am still hungry. I think I am going to have a scoop of sunflower seed butter and some coconut flakes. Then I’m going to go to bed and listen to the rain.


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