Day 3 – Feeling Better

Today went much smoother than yesterday. My headache was gone, and I didn’t feel like I needed to eat as much.

I ate the rest of my spicy pork soup when I woke up. That was a good way to start the day. About two hours later my husband wanted to go out for breakfast, so I ordered eggs and bacon. I ate the eggs, Beck ate the bacon. My husband had huevos rancheros. It looked good, but I know it would have given me a stomach ache. I just dumped a bunch of fresh salsa on my eggs and enjoyed.


For lunch I made a salad with half an avocado and sunflower seeds on it. I was still hungry after, so I ate the last of my raw milk cheddar cheese.


I spent the afternoon playing with Legos and simmering broth. Not a bad way to spend the day.

For dinner I had leftover ribs, mashed parsnips and a bunch of sautéed kale.


In the evening I cut up an apple to have as dessert with some sunflower butter and coconut flakes and it was too sweet for me to finish. I ate less than half the apple and saved the rest for my son to eat tomorrow. Crazy how quickly my sensitivity is changing.


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