Day 4

Today went quite well I think. Even with the time change.

For breakfast I had a cup of herbal tea and a cup of chicken broth soon after getting up. A bit later I made myself a scrambled egg with half a bunch of dandelion greens and two homemade boar breakfast sausages topped with salsa.


Later, I went to the farmers market and got some eggs and a few random vegetables, including some young garlic. I can’t wait to put that in my scrambled eggs and sautéed greens this week! I was planning to go to yoga at 12, so I needed to make lunch for everyone before I left. I thought about just grabbing a rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods on the way home. They have organic ones that don’t have any “seasonings” I don’t want and won’t make Beck sick. I looked at the clock in my car. 10:15 Too early for lunch, I’ll just go home and make something. I got home and looked at the clock in the kitchen. 11:30. Ugh! Time Change!

So I made a quick lunch of smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado for Beck and myself. I threw some capers on mine. My husband (who is not a fan of salmon) had a bowl of paleo granola while I was at class.


In the afternoon I had a glass of homemade hazelnut milk and made a little treat with the leftover hazelnut pulp, unsweetened grated coconut and coconut oil. I combined them all in the food processor, put it in candy molds and froze them till firm. I had two, Beck has a few more than two before I was able to pack them up in the fridge.



For dinner I made lamb kebabs (I had the heat on too high and they over cooked.), a green salad, and cut up cauliflower, carrots and broccoli with tahini sauce. Yum.



2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Annabelle says:

    Can you do a post about the foods or other things you’ve eliminated for this challenge your doing with your sister. All your food has me drooling! Also, is the hazelnut milk easier to make than the almond milk?

  2. teresastips says:

    I’m going to try to put together a few posts this week about what I am doing and why and some paleo basics.
    The hazelnut milk is about the same as almond milk. Soak in water with a touch of salt for a good 8-12 hours, blend and strain. I added a touch of vanilla. Cashew milk is the easiest because you only need to soak it about 20-30 minutes and there isn’t as much to filter out since they don’t have skins.

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