Day 5 – Hey, that’s MY apple!

Today seemed pretty uneventful in my 21 day low sugar paleo experiment. Which I guess is a good thing, maybe I am settling into it.

I was able to get in both a shower and breakfast this morning before I brought Beck to school. Woohoo! Yes, that is quite the accomplishment for me. Especially if you factor in the lost hour from this weekend’s time change. For breakfast I scrambled two eggs with one of the young garlics I bought at the farmer’s market. They were so good! I also had a big mug of chicken broth. Yup, I’m weird like that.


I went to the chiropractor after dropping the kiddo off at school. I am on a quest to fix my chronically injured self so I can do things like go on a walk, attend a yoga class, sleep on my side, and dance in the living room to whatever cd my son is obsessed with at the moment.

For lunch I had a salad with a quarter of an apple and bacon crumbles. With an egg yolk on the side. Bonus points to anyone who knows where the white went.


In the afternoon I went to Trader Joe’s. After gathering a few items (or maybe 20) I stopped over at a raw food cafe, 118 Degrees, and ordered their stuffed mushrooms, which I am a little obsessed with. They come with marina sauce, but I like them with the fajita sauce instead. Some sort of a bell peppery/cashew concoction.


For dinner I had two chicken sausages, sautéed greens with young garlic, and raw veggies with leftover tahini sauce and raw fajita sauce.


I bought myself a green apple at Trader Joe’s today. A bit of a treat. On this “detox” (I like to think of it as a reset more than a detox) red apples are supposed to be off the menu, but green apples are ok in moderation.

Beck found my apple. He was trying to avoid eating his dinner, looking instead for fruit. First choice- banana. Nope, you already had a banana today. Second choice- red apple. Nope, you already had an apple today and there are only three left. Let’s save it for tomorrow. Third choice- orange. Do you want me to cut one up for you? Actually, he didn’t really want an orange. Oh look, a green apple! (When did he start liking green apples? The one time I gave him one he took a bite then looked at me like I had betrayed him. Apparently they have them as snacks in the after school program that he desperately wants to attend but can’t because I would have to attend it with him so he doesn’t run away.*) He won. After dinner I gave him a quarter of my green apple. Then he helped himself to another quarter. Then he cut a chunk off the remaining half. When I called him on it he cut a small piece off the chunk and put it back on the chopping board. So now I have less than half of a green apple. Whatever. I don’t even really like green apples.


I wasn’t too hungry at dinner time (most likely due to the mushrooms), but now that it is 9 pm I feel hungry again. Or maybe i just want to eat. I am definitely a dessert kind of girl. Hopefully going sugar free for three weeks helps with that. I think I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea. Maybe with some green apple.

*True story. He is an eloper. I get to attend the after school ukulele class with him because the teacher can’t chase after him if/when he runs away. I tried doing all kinds of fun group activities with him when he was little and I spent a good chunk of my time chasing after him.


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