One week down.

I had a smoothie this morning! I’ve been having a smoothie almost every morning for a couple of years, but haven’t for the past week because of their high fruit, and therefore sugar, content. This morning though, I made a high healthy fat and protein, low sugar smoothie for the family.


2 cups full fat coconut milk
1 cup water
1 slightly under ripe banana (a bit green)
1 cup almond butter

Blend and enjoy. This makes enough for three people and is quite filling. It was a little thinner than I am used to in my frozen fruit filled smoothies.  I liked it just fine though. You could reduce the liquid, use a frozen banana, and/or add some ice to the blender if you want it thicker.

The smoothie kept me satisfied all morning. When I got home from the gym at 11 I was hungry so I snacked on some cauliflower and broccoli dipped on tahini sauce.

School gets out early on Wednesdays, so I packed a lunch of leftover spaghetti squash and the eggplant/tomato/bison sauce from last night as well as some carrots, broccoli and a water; and my son and I had a picnic up on a hill overlooking his school. It is where the local model airplane guys go to fly their various winged toys and he loves it. Today there weren’t many people around so we just wandered about and he played with his hover craft he made out of construction paper, twine, and about 1000 staples. It was originally designed to be a kite, but he is still working on the laws of physics, so it morphed into a hover craft.

I had a piece of raw goat cheddar at 2 when I was packing up a snack for him. Borderline paleo, but I’m ok with that.

For dinner I made Elana’s Pantry Chicken with Cauliflower and Olives. I had it with a salad. It was great.



My son requested that we have some more of the coconut and hazelnut treats I made the other day for dessert, so we each had a few of those.

Now I am going to go have a cup of tea and clean the house before going to bed.



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