Crazy Hair Day

Today was day 8. I don’t have too much to report, other than I am tired. That is from not sleeping enough and the weather all the sudden deciding to be 80 degrees, not from what I am eating. I feel like my food was kind of boring today. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but a fair amount was leftovers, so it doesn’t make for the most stimulating blog write up.

For breakfast I had two eggs scrambled with young garlic and dandelion greens. I used coconut oil in the pan and added a bit of coconut milk to the egg, so it had a nice coconut flavor which brought out the sweetness of the egg and garlic and contrasted nicely with the bitterness of the dandelion.


I was hungry again at 10 and looking for a snack. I couldn’t decide what to eat until I was staring at the open refrigerator looking at all the leftovers when I thought “Why not have a meal?” There was not any reason why I couldn’t. I had the food and was hungry enough. A little snack would just mean five more little snacks to follow, so why not just get it over with? I had leftover spaghetti squash with the bison sauce.

Later I wanted a smoothie, but ended up just blending together a cup of full fat coconut milk and some macadamia nuts. The milk I had was rather cold and thick, so it ended up whipping into a cream with the nuts. I poured it into a bowl and ate it with a spoon. It was good, but a little strange to eat it plain. I felt like it should be over some strawberries or something. I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I am eating fruit again.

I grabbed a pork and beef snack stick (similar to jerky) to eat before going to ukelele class this afternoon. Class went well. It is actually the first time I’ve taken any music lesson. (Well, technically I am not taking the lesson, my son is, but I’ve already explained that situation.) I learn the cords while my son does his thing, then I try to teach them to him at home. So far he has learned C and today the teacher taught him A minor.

For dinner I had some leftover chicken with cauliflower and olives. It was just as good the second night.

Oh, and about the crazy hair:

Today was crazy hair day at my son’s school. So this morning we ground up colored chalk and mixed it with hair mousse. What do you think?



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