Fire Friday

Today was a good day. I am noticing my mood getting calmer and more positive. Much better than the anxiety I experience when I eat gluten.

For breakfast I had two eggs, sunny side up, with some smoked salmon, half a Persian cucumber, and some raw sauerkraut.


For lunch my husband and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant. One of the guys that he works with sometimes met us and we ended up sitting at a table outside talking for over an hour. It was really nice and relaxing. I had a beef stew that was the special of the day. I ordered it without noodles and it was delicious. It had tendons in it as well as stew meat, so the broth had a wonderful creamy feel to it.


In the late afternoon I made a smoothie with coconut milk, almond butter and a slightly underripe banana.

In the evening one of my son’s friends and his dad (one of the neighbors who the raw vegan diet with me – Hi Neighbor!) came by to play/hang out. We had planned on having a fire in the back yard and cooking hot dogs, so we invited them over. The adults had hot dogs and salad, the boys had hot dogs and baby carrots. My son and I skipped the buns. It was a fun evening, and rather paleolithic, what with cooking over a fire and all.



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