Green Food

My husband took Beck out to breakfast early this morning. I staid home and caught up on emails, Facebook, and pinterest. Important stuff. Then I got up and made breakfast. It being St. Patrick’s Day, I made it green. Mint tea and two eggs scrambled with kale, dandelion greens and young garlic.


When they got home I headed out to the market for eggs. I got sidetracked at Costco on the way. I came home with just enough time to put away the groceries and eat a spoonful of almond butter and half a banana before heading to restorative yoga, the only class I have been given clearance to go to by my trainer.

After yoga I had the rest of the cabbage salad I made yesterday and hung out on the street with some of the neighbors while the kids ran in and out of the house.

Beck and his friend made a smoothie around 3:30, so after I helped them with that I made one for myself. I used half a banana, half an avocado, half a can of light coconut milk, and a bit of peppermint extract. Now that I think about it, I should have added some actual mint leaves. I have a huge bunch in my refrigerator. Maybe tomorrow.


For dinner I made lamb chops, mashed potatoes and turnips, salad, and sautéed greens. Sounds rather Irish if you ask me.



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