Back on track

I have recovered from the apple juice incident and am feeling much better today. I got up early this morning and had a good breakfast while I made breakfast for my husband and son and my little one’s snack and lunch. I had leftover lamb and sautéed kale and swiss chard. Beck had mortadella, kiwi and an orange; and my husband had an orange juice, hemp seed, swiss chard and blueberry smoothie.


I had a good training session at the gym today. When I got home I made a smoothie with half a can of lite coconut milk, a big scoop of almond butter, half an avocado and a bit of almond milk.


After I picked my son up from school I had another piece of lamb and some leftover mashed potatoes and turnips while I helped him make a ramp to race cars up and down on.  He designed and painted it himself.  He just needed a little help with the hammering.


For dinner I made guacamole with a ridiculous amount of cilantro and topped it with a Trader Joes chili lime chicken patty.




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