Two Down, One to Go

I have been eating a strict low sugar paleo diet for two weeks now. (Other than some high quality cheese, which, as I’ve explained, is considered by some people to be paleo and others not to be.) One week left in this particular commitment.

My sister and I emailed each other about our plans after we are finished this. I think it’s safe to say neither of us wants to go start eating buckets of cookies on day 22.

However, I will be easing myself back onto fruit and eventually will have a paleo cookie or muffin. At some point I am going to try a paleo brownie recipe too. I’ve been hesitant to try one in the past because I love brownies so much and just don’t want to be disappointed. I won’t be going back to gluten though. Just the thought of it makes my stomach a little bloated.

I made the last of my kale this morning and a couple of eggs. Hey, it looks like some of the whites are missing. What is up with that?



I also discovered this when I woke up:


We just (mostly) finished a long over due kitchen remodel. What better way to celebrate than with water coming out from under the new cabinets?  Luckily, we haven’t done the floor yet so it was easy to see the water.

Our contractor came over and fixed the leaky fitting then pulled out the stove to let it dry.


After that, my husband and I had a smoothie. I made it with a can of lite coconut milk, a banana, some macadamia nuts, and a few scoops of berry Amazing Grass Superfood. Good.


We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Not the one we usually go to, but this one is closer to our house and we were low on time before we had to pick our son up from school. They had a “Low Carb, High Protein” section on the menu so I ordered a soup with shrimp, beef, chicken and vegetables in a beef broth. It was pretty good. Not as good as our usual place though.


I got a new CSA basket today. It is chock full of greens. Just in time.


For dinner I started to make a lamb leg with roasted vegetables, but nobody wanted that and we were all too hungry to wait anyway. So instead I made a big salad and some frozen chicken satay from Trader Joes.


After dinner I made some hazelnut butter in my mini food processor to make this:


Yes, it looks a bit funky, but it tastes like apple pie. Beck ate some before he want to bed and I ate his peels. I’ll probably have a little more tonight.  It is baked granny smith apples filled with a mix of hazelnut and coconut butter with cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of pink himalayan salt.



One thought on “Two Down, One to Go

  1. MOM says:

    I wish I could do those smoothies. Because of my new plumbing, (No sphincter muscle going to small intestine) everything flushes through. I have to eat a lot of fiber to slow down the exit from stomach to small intestine. I drink water in between meals. But BOY would I love a smoothie.

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