Cheating with Cashews

Day 15. I’m doing pretty good. Not the most perfect day though.

For breakfast I had lamb, half an avocado and half a Persian cucumber.


When I got home from dropping my son of at school my husband asked me to make a mocha smoothie for him. That is one of my favorites and we don’t have it very often. I made a split second decision to have one too even though my plan was to avoid chocolate the entire three weeks. Chocolate is ok on the plan we are doing as long as it isn’t sweetened, but as it is a downfall of mine I wanted to take the opportunity to get it out of my system for a while.

I made the smoothie with a can of coconut milk, half a can of water, an handful of cashews, three scoops of chocolate Amazing Grass Superfood (which is unsweetened), a tablespoon or so of instant coffee, and a can of ice. I usually add honey or agave to it, but didn’t this time. I thought I would have to add some to my husband’s but it was perfect without any.

I guzzled half of it down before I thought to take a picture. Then I didn’t want to stop my enjoyment of it by fooling around with my phone to take said picture. So I just sat and enjoyed it.

Afterwards, I remembered that cashews were on the list of things I’m not supposed to eat because they are higher in carbs than other nuts. Oh well.

For lunch I had lamb and roasted carrots and acorn squash. I forgot to take a picture, but i have a feeling I’ll have another chance soon. The food that was supposed to be last night’s dinner will likely be many of my meals for the next few days.

Before ukulele class I had a piece of Kerrygold cheddar and a beef and pork stick.


For dinner my husband and I had an arugula, kale, and fennel frond salad with half a green apple and half an avocado between the two of us, with bacon on top.


Kale chips on the side.



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