Lego Day

Day 17.

Breakfast this morning was, surprise, eggs and greens! Dandelion greens to be specific. I am still not loving their bitterness, but I got a bunch in my CSA basket, and they are good for you, so I’m eating them. I’ve decided that mixing them with scrambled eggs is the way to go though. You may notice that my egg whites are rather small. Yup, I’m still sharing them with a certain little boy who doesn’t like yolks. I also had two Applegate chicken and apple breakfast sausages. I thought they were good, but my pork loving son didn’t approve. Apparently, they “were crunchy.”  I think he didn’t like the casing.


I also made my husband and son a green smoothie out of cashews, water, orange juice, chard leaves, Amazing Grass, and a banana. They liked it.


Beck spent almost the entire day playing with Legos. He just inherited a little Lego motor that was my husband’s when he was a kid and he can hardly put it down. Legos and electricity, what could be better?

He did take a little break to go have lunch at the neighbors house. We brought our own lunches. He had watermelon and sausage (pork this time) and I had the last of the leftover lamb and root vegetables with some salad greens. I also snagged a few shrimp from the neighbors. Thanks guys, they were delicious!


For dinner I made the Halupki Casserole <a href=”Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids. I didn’t add the cauliflower though because I didn’t have any. I only put in half the cabbage because I thought it would be too much, but when I took it out of the oven I realized it wasn’t. I just shredded up some more cabbage and served it with the Halupki. It was good and I actually liked the contrast of the crunchy raw cabbage against the sauciness of the casserole.


After dinner I started some sauerkraut.  It should be done fermenting in a few days.  Yum.



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