Moving into the Neighbor’s House

Today was a fun day.

Breakfast was leftover Halupki casserole. No pic, looks the same as it did yesterday.

Beck and I went to the farmer’s market this morning. I got half a dozen chicken eggs and half a dozen duck eggs, goat cheese, various veggies, and a lemon sorbet for Beck. Then Beck got sucked into the almond stand. They guy gave him a sample of maple orange almonds. Guess who talked his mom into buying some. I also got some almonds roasted in olive oil and rosemary for myself. He was eating his almonds in the car on the way home and they smelled so good. I am definitely making some when I am eating sugar again!

For lunch I had an egg, some ham, and a salad with avocado.


Beck decided that he was eating all his meals at his friend’s house this weekend. We haven’t been able to do breakfast and dinner, but he brought his lunch over today. I went with him and we hung out for while. I had to literally pick him up and carry him away when it was time to go home.

For a mid afternoon snack I had done kale chips and two chicken breakfast sausages.

For dinner I made cochinita pubil, which is a pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula. I ate it with roasted broccoli, boiled carrots tossed with coconut and olive oils and cinnamon, avocado, cilantro, and salsa. I had no idea that roasted broccoli was so good. I’ve never made it before tonight. Definitely something to repeat.



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