No Tortilla Tuesday

We all woke up late this morning. I went to bed way too late last night, then woke up at some point and took forever to get back to sleep. The only reason we woke up was I have an alarm on my phone at 7:30 for my son. We need to be out the door at 8:15 for school. Of course, today was spring picture day.

My husband got our son in the shower while I got dressed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone and a snack for school. I went with a smoothie because everyone could drink it.


One can of Trader Joe’s light coconut milk, half a can of water, handful of macadamia nuts, a bunch of spinach, and one banana. Blend. Serves two grown ups and a six year old.

I also had some leftover cochinita pibil since I was going straight to the gym after dropping him off at school.


For lunch I had a big salad with various greens, a shredded carrot, and a can of sardines on top. Drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


After chasing my son around the neighborhood on his big wheeler I had half a green apple, almond butter and shredded coconut.


I made tacos for dinner with the leftover cochinita pibil. I just had mine plain since I didn’t have any big lettuce to wrap it with in leu of a tortilla. I also made guacamole and roasted cauliflower, broccoli and baby turnips.


Tomorrow is my last day of the sugar detox. Stay tuned.


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