I Did It!

Twenty-one days of strict low sugar paleo. No cupcakes, no pieces of chocolate, no chips, no fruit other than a few apples and some slightly underripe bananas. I had a few slips, namely the juice fiasco and some cashews in a smoothie, but overall I did pretty good.

How do I feel? Great. My energy levels and moods are more stable.

How do I look? Great. I didn’t loose any weight, but my tummy and thighs have thinned out.

Will I keep this up? No. I will continue to eat a mainly grain free diet for the foreseeable future and will limit legumes, refined sugars, modern seed oils and other processed foods. I will be incorporating fruit back into my diet. I also will be doing some paleo baking. I just won’t eat as much of it. (At least, I will try not to.)  I will definitely have chocolate again!

Will I do this again? Maybe. While I don’t think it is healthy to eat excessively most of the time and then go on a crash diet to make up for it, I think it is ok to eat relatively healthy most of the time, allowing for some treats, and then doing something like going off sugar for a few weeks to keep you in check.

So what did I eat on my last day of the challenge?

Breakfast was one egg scrambled with dandelion greens, onion, young garlic and kalamata olives topped with orange zest. I’ve discovered that the secret to the dandelion greens, at least for me, is to cook them in coconut oil.


For lunch I had two eggs, two chicken sausages, and sautéed greens.  One of the yolks broke while I was cooking it.  Boo!


In the afternoon my sister and I had a virtual tea party via text message. She had chamomile citrus tea with green apple, prosciutto, and raw almonds. I had rooibos chai with pistachios.


For dinner I made a salad with arugula, grated carrots and beet, a chicken patty, and guacamole. The beet was white in the inside with faint pink rings. Interesting.


This evening I had a homemade coconut yogurt that I didn’t take a picture of because it didn’t think I would actually eat it, but it turned out I did. I made it with just coconut milk and a probiotic in my yogurt maker. A bit of an experiment. It needs some tweaking, but I think it shows promise.

So that is it. Twenty one days, done.

Stay tuned . . .


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